Saturday, February 27, 2010

March 6 Action roundup

All events are open to everyone, however, it is the case that
- Stop the Filter events are suited to people who already know about the filter and wish to protest
- Block the Filter events are suited to parents, families and people who are unfamiliar with the filter.

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Everyone please visit and sign the petition at


Stop the Filter - Rally/Protest


Block the Filter - Cyber Safety Picnic Day 1pm, Parramatta Park


Stop the Filter - Rally/Protest (Information focused) 12 Noon, State Library


Block the Filter - Cyber Safety Picnic Day 12 noon, Victoria Square


Stop the Filter - Rally/Protest 12 Noon Forrest Place

Block the Filter - Cyber Safety Picnic Day 3pm Stirling Gardens


Mainstream media coverage of the protest held in Perth against Internet filtering on the 13th of December, 2008:
Federal Government measure we're trying to prevent (no legislation proposed as yet):
Department of Broadband, Communications, & the Digital Economy: "ISP Filtering - Frequently Asked Questions," 17th of December, 2009:

A comprehensive review of the history of Labor's varying ISP filtering policies/'plans' since 2006:
"Australian Internet Filtering Wiki Page":

Websites, organisations, and political parties/members who oppose mandatory Internet filtering:

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam - who will be speaking at the Perth event - on the ABC's PM Program, 16th of December 2009:
Liberal Democratic Party, "OPPOSE CENSORSHIP":
Australian Pirate Party Media Release, "Conroy Misleads Public with Filter Report," 15th of December 2009:

The Australian Democrats "No Internet Censorship" page:

Liberal Party Senator Cory Bernadi, "Blanket Ban on Internet a Folly":
Current Liberal Party Senate Leader Nick Minchin, 2nd of September 2009:

Shadow Minister for Broadband, Communications, & the Digital Economy Tony Smith, 10th of February, 2010:

LABOR Party Senator Kate Lundy opposes a mandatory filter, stating:
"I do not believe a mandatory filter will achieve the policy goals stated and I agree that mandatory filtering creates an issue around free expression and business confidence."
From the Government Department of Broadband, Communications, & the Digital Economy (Conroy's Department!), 17th of December, 2009:
"A technically competent user could circumvent filtering."

Save the Children and National Children's & Youth Law Centre (NCYLC) both oppose the proposed mandatory internet filter plan:

The Internet Industry Association is taking industry responses to the planned mandatory internet filter to the Government at the end of February:

Wikileaks released the ACMA Blacklist of sites for the internet filter on the 18th of March, 2009. Unfortunately, they are struggling for funding and the link is down. If you can financially support them please do:

Australian Internet Censorship-related Websites:,,,,,,,,,,,
Most of the Posters available on the net regarding this issue (see more in 'Photos'):

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sydney Anti-filter meeting Report back

Meeting notes.

This is a report from the Sydney Anti-Filter Coalition that took place on Sunday the 31st of January 2010.

Arguments against the filter:

*HTTPS threats to E Commerce Report here.

Essentially deep packet inspection of HTTPS connections breaks the encryption of the transaction, enabling ISPs and ACMA to access passwords, bank details etc. This is a serious threat to E Commerce. This was the report I mentioned in the meeting yesterday, it needs to be checked out by IT people, but it seems to be a legitimate concern.

*Euthanasia sites have already been on the ACMA blacklist, yet according to some statistics 75% of Australians are in favour of euthanasia. Thhis is already threatening free debate of political issues that are important to the Australian public. This flies oin the face of Minister Conroys claims that it is only filtering 'the worst of the worst'.

* Sites promoting safe use of drugs will be blocked. In terms of harm minimisation, access to accurate information is vital if people are going to choose to use drugs. This also harms the ability of health proffessionals to research drug use academically.

*The filter is so ineffective that Telstra didnt even bother to test circumvention methods because people would obviously be able to get around it easily. What is the point of paying for something that is that ineffective?

*It gives the impression that something is being done to make children safe. Its ineffectiveness coupled with the appearance of safety will give parents a false sense of security. Nothing is a substitute for parental supervision.


*Have small teams of people going around, one with a gag and if possible, a Tshirt with something advertising the campaign (thinking like the URL to nocleanfeed for eg), the other person, dressed normaly handing out info about the filter.

This would be a useful action for a day in the city, having the participants converge on a location and meet up. Also be a good media activity as it has a visual impact.

*Mail your local parliamentarians about your concerns.

*Pressure the Liberal Party to oppose it in the Senate.

*Phone talkback radio... especially Alan Jones types in Sydney, taking an angle of it not being effective and a waste of taxpayers money.

This is by no means everything we discussed, anyone who wants to add their 2 cents do so below.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sydney Anti-filter meeting

Come one and all to a meeting to discuss our opposition to the governments mandatory internet filter.

Despite widespread opposition from the wider society, the government is pushing ahead with their plans to censor our internet. They plan to block all refused classification content, including sites discussing Euthanasia and the safe use of drugs. This is the most serious attack on our civil liberties in our life times so come and help stop it.

Sydney Stop the Filter Meeting

Sunday Jan 31, 1pm
Level 3 Customs House,
Circular Quay.

FB group

Please leave a comment if attending as room space is limited.